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Many people think that you have to make your own video to earn money from YouTube. For example, talking in front of the camera, recording the computer or mobile screen, and making a video has to be uploaded. But there are no such rules on YouTube. On a YouTube channel, there is no rule that you have to come in front of the camera and talk or record the screen to get the optimization. You can earn a lot of money from YouTube without making videos yourself.


So if you want to make an income from YouTube without making any videos, then read this article carefully. Then you can earn income. There are many channels on YouTube that you will find if you search for, those who do not make videos themselves but are making income. An example is a motivational channel. Millions of these topics are at the top of the popular topic on YouTube Millions of videos are being created and those YouTubers are constantly making money. Because such videos are seen all the time and people of all ages watch them. So you too can make income by creating such a motivational channel. You do not have to create your own video for this. So let's see if you can make money without making any videos.

You will need to collect some materials to make the video
  • Script
  • Voice record
  • Free Stock Video
  • Free Music
Script: Now you may think that you have to write the script yourself. No, all you have to do is search Google for a variety of motivational stories, or quotes from famous authors. You can collect scripts from Google and sort them out. Write down what to say before and after you start the video.

Voice record: When you have finished writing the script, you have to look at that script and read it. Record voice while reading. And the smartphone in your hand is enough for voice recording. Please read the script a few times before recording. Then you will be able to speak fluently while recording.

Free Stock video: You need to collect related videos on the topic on which you have collected the script. There are many Stock video sites where you will find thousands of free videos. Many people think that if you use this kind of Free Stock video in the channel Monetization is not available. The type is not correct. More than half of the channels on YouTube rely on Free Stock videos. They are getting monetization and earning income. 

You can download Free Stock videos from all these sites
  1. Pexels
  2. Pixabay
  3. Pond5
  4. Vidsplay
  5. Lifeofvids
  6. Coverr
  7. Videvo
Free Music: There is no substitute for music to bring any video to perfection. The more beautiful music you use, the more you can attract the audience. YouTube has its own Audio Library for collecting free music. Download music from here. Many people use free music from YouTube. But sometimes when you use this audio sometimes copyright comes into the video. And you know, the claim in a video is actually taken by the income clicker of that video.

When all the work is done, All you have to do is edit the video. Where to add Stock Video, Music, and your Voiceover. The video will be more beautiful if you give the words that will say in the voice in the video. This editing should not take more than 20-30 minutes, Isn't it? Now all you have to do is create a YouTube channel and upload the video. Before creating a channel, choose a nice channel name.

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